Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century


After watching this video, I feel quite inspired to use technology in the classroom, as well as optimistic about an apparent shift from generic learning to problem solving and application based learning through technology in the classroom. The Quest 2 Learn school looks fantastic. It sounds as if they are really trying to find new ways to enable these kids to be the best they can be. I loved the bit about the importance of play, and that it never leaves you. I find that so true when I look back on my own education. Most of the big things I remember, I remember because I had to fiddle around to find out what I needed, and they just stuck in my head. I wouldn’t be surprised if the physical learning happening with hands on applications has muscle memory involved, and that is why we remember such things better.

I felt a running theme in the video was visual literacy, and how that will become a measure for levels of learning in the near future. The way students interpret what they find with technology is just as important as how well they are able to use the tech they have. Henry Jenkins also made a great distinction between addiction and dedication, and the double standard that lies within. Just because we spend hours on something that may be deemed unproductive by another does not necessarily make it so. Another good quote: “The best way to learn is to teach something.” So true.

At the end, one thing caught my attention. James Gee made a comment about 2 different types of schools, one being for the poor and the other being for the wealthy. He probably was not mentioning this as a statement of his own belief, but more based on the reality of the current socioeconomic spread in the US. Regardless, that doesn’t sound like the education system moving forward. His second statement about a “intelligent society” where we are all able to be innovative and collaborate with each other resounded better. This path, however, sounds much harder to achieve, but in saying that, I think that is the road we need to go down, or at least focus on. The hardest choice is almost always the best choice.


One thought on “Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century

  1. sjknight

    Great post. I like that you included quotes and personal experiences. I also have fond memories of the some of the more creative, project based experiences in school and absolutely none of the tests:) Giving our students the freedom to control their learning and determine how they are assessed is a great way to help keep them engaged. Of course teachers are still needed to make sure kids get stuff done:)

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