I have started scanning the Mind/Shift blog site with articles dealing with the future of education and learning. I picked this blog because it reeks of innovation and generating new ideas to replace old ones. Almost every article I have come across deals with ideas and research bent on shifting education. I am amazed to hear some of the thoughts people are having about assessment and what fosters an environment of learning. Hip hop? Video games? Sounds like a kids dream for assessment! But there are people working to make it possible.


Why do I hear/read so much about how the focus of learning is in standards and standardized tests, and then hear so many people calling these tests unproductive or meaningless? I love to hear when someone says, well, if we look at all the other aspects of living, pretty much everything is changing, except for education. “Even the kids are changing.” It’s good to hear someone giving advice to teachers on little things that may have a big swing eventually.

I’m going to continue my journey through this site, I can tell it has LOADS to offer.


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