See that’s what I’m talking about!! Bring it into the schools, let them use that passion to drive academics. It was great to hear about the many positive success stories of those kids. They use the internet as an outlet, a channel for their emotion, their love, all that good stuff. Obviously these are all the good stories of these kids changing our world. He stated at the end that we have to let go of our fear, and open out schools up to the possibilities. Fear is hard to let go of sometimes.

There is a girl in my class who is transitioning to 7th grade. She is a girl with autism, and has a vast array of technology her mother bought for her. While she has done some amazing things for a child like her, like create movies and videos, the freedom she has been given has also been detrimental. She has asked several times this year what shemales are, what gender bending is, has been quoting and repeating tons of lines from the shows Futurama, Family Guy, and American Dad, and follows many YouTube accounts that I recognize as what my friends and I watch for fun. I was not totally involved, but her mom gave our department her computer, and there was a lot of super inappropriate stuff she had saved. And she knew what all of it was about. A lot of the learning a child does with their tech is with their parents. They should be the teachers, and not all parents care about what their kids are looking at as long as they are content. There is more to that story, but that’s the basis of it. Fear is a hard thing to let go of. But I think in time, the country is going to get there.

But I think the story about Martha was wonderful. Too much do we focus on the negative (because most of the time the situations are ridiculous), and not enough on what kind of fruit technology can bare. What she did was get the school to re-evaluate, and change. She caused change, and good change. Those are stories that are meaningful, and should be broadcast EVERYWHERE. And she got to meet Bean which makes me totally jealous.

Jamie Oliver is pretty good stuff too.


5 thoughts on “Empowerment!!

  1. sjknight

    Agreed, parents are the most responsible for helping kids use technology appropriately. However, tech is becoming so much apart of kids lives that it really needs to be a team approach. Speaking as a parent, I can’t watch all the time…parents need help. It is hard to do this since it could become a conflict of values. You felt this student saved inappropriate stuff, maybe the parents do not feel the same way. Just like when we discussed Generation Like, there we various reactions to the stories. We all bring different experiences and biases. When working with our students and teachers we need to present unbiased support.

    • I guess there is the air of what is perceived as appropriate and what is not. Frankly, with the girl I referenced, the teacher I worked with is very concerned with the appropriateness of the content. I am just very used to hearing that everything she has viewed is bad. But I haven’t seen teaching going on to change the course. Hmmm…

  2. Hey Drew–you clearly have great passion for allowing kids the freedom to create, and I love it! However, as an old-timer, who has to police her kids, I have different concerns. First there is bad stuff out there, I do think as my kids grow up, the will be better able to police their kids–they are used to the constant change in a way that I am not. Second, the kids still need to master the content and internalize it before they can produce a good product. Clearly that is what was happening with the kids in this presentation. We can’t assume that the technology will do that for them. Great post!

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