Escaping Education’s Death Valley


I watched Sir Ken Robinson talk about some of the lows of education, and also put forth some wonderful insights. I feel like every time I start to watch him, I think to myself “Why in the world am I going into education?” And eventually, he pulls me back toward the end and I’m like, “It’s all good!”

Basically we have a broken system, and I think we all knew that. He makes a great point with Finland, because my first thought was, “someone on the Internet is making a stink about it.” ‘How could you ever compare Finland to America!? We are so much bigger and diverse, macroeconomics, yakity yak!'” Well, he read my mind and said, we can shrink that concept Finland has to a state, based on population size. And isn’t that who is allegedly SUPPOSED to be responsible for education? The state? So if each state were to model a system based off of one that had next to no drop outs, even if that state was suffering from a 60% drop out rate, wouldn’t it be worth just giving it a try? What is there to lose?

“No need for the alternative.” “If the conditions are right, life is inevitable.”

Also, for those of you reading this, please check out this link below. It is someone who believes Sir Ken has everything wrong, and I want to see what you all think about that. Personally, I hate it when someone kills a revolutionary stance. Yeah, we can’t change problems over night, but someone might watch Sir Ken and change the world. You never know.


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