Personal Devices in the Classroom


Allowing students to have various forms of technology in the classroom is great for them, but they want to call the shots on how they use it. No way. BUT, on the other hand, our goal as educators is to make lessons meaningful and interactive, and we are never going to know that if we don’t ask the kids for their input on what would be a immersive and interesting use of tech, then we will never know the tip of the tech’s full potential. I would love to see that 46% figure of educational Facebook usage soar! I think we just need to start getting our classrooms more connected, especially for parents who are willing to shell out money for their kid’s mobile device in the name of education. Then that 65% of principals might think twice as kids grades are soaring due to what? Tech.

I also feel personal devices are a double edged sword because they carry so much information for the kid, but they also pose a problem for attention, ie. social media, and lots of it. I am not averse to coming up with various ways to incorporate personal devices into the lesson. Apparently the state of South Caroline is testing it out, which I found out within the past hour or so.
I feel slightly relieved because I will be dealing with upper elementary, and while they are beginning to have their own personal tech, they will hopefully adhere to rules better (as in, don’t use it unless it’s an emergency. For now). With this article, I read a lot of “students want”, and I think that if they want it enough, they will need to follow guidelines that someone is going to make up at some point to try this idea out. Someone is going to HAVE to do it, because they are apparently looking on their own for their own interests, regardless of what the school says, and as awesome as that is, wouldn’t it be awesome if they didn’t have to branch out like that? If they could do that in the classroom they are currently in, I don’t know that this article would need to exist. Were just going to have to shift the minds of a lotttttt of principals first.


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