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This is not by any means new news (HA), but it holds strong with me. I am sure we are going to have (or already have) kids who are different in our rooms, kids with disabilities, or kids who have hidden talents. I was working with kids with autism last year who loved art (granted, specific facets), but if I brought that into their other learning, they loved it, and I was fascinated to watch them either mimic what I had drawn, or create their own take on the projects we were working on!

So I had never heard of before, but its pretty gnarly! Lots of topics on educational tech, and when you sign up, the site helps you develop a library of content from all over. When you find stuff, you can easily share it out to your blog, and a bunch of other social media outlets. You also share your own opinion about the topics you are sharing. There are like minded curators too, so you can find people who are in the same boat as you. For a start, just type “Educational Tech News” in the search bar, and there is TONS of good stuff that comes up right away! Geeked out.

This title grabbed me, and for good reason! I think reading, being a very highly placed subject of importance, has always seemed to have limited ways of being taught. The use of Lego’s is awesome! It is both digital and hands on in application. I found WeDo, StoryStarter(aligned with common core), Simple Machines, and Built to Express! Check out the article, it has a link to the Lego site where they have Lego Education, which is pretty awesome!


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